Taking Care Of An Electric Bicycle

Taking Care Of An Electric Bicycle

Taking Care Of An Electric Bicycle – Whether it be, an electronic bike or a motorised bicycle, any & every kind of car needs constant servicing, maintenance and care if it is to last long and run at its fullest potential. With an avid increase in the popularity of electronic bikes, more and more people are looking for maintenance tips for their precious cars, and rightly so. Take a look below at some of the “must do” tips and tricks that not only increase the performance but also prevent extra cost at the mechanic’s. Remember, Prevention is better than cure!

While I am on the subject of prevention is better than cure, now`s a good time to bring up security! Could you imagine coming out from the shops, work or home to find your precious electric bike has been stolen?!!

With the cost of these e-bikes it is very wise to check out your home insurance policy to whether this will cover any loss should you have the unfortunate situation of having your electric bicycle stolen. If it doesn`t, find insurance!

I also highly recommend purchasing a tracking device, which can be placed in a hidden area of the electric bicycle. A tracking device potentially can be linked to an app on your phone, pc or tablet to help you locate your electric bike and the thief should it get stolen. We highly recommend contacting your local police force, should you track the device and your electric bicycle to the thief!

Correct electric bike maintenance is to some extends different from the maintenance needed for a motorised bike. Cleaning your bike is the very basic of maintenance because in the long run it will save you tons of cash, time, embarrassing moments and repeated trips to the mechanic’s garage. You should clean the bike once after every use, or at least once every week. As a rule when taking care of an electric bicycle try not to use powerful water sprays because it can heavily damage the battery and outer coating. You can use specific cleaners made particularly for bikes.

Although the Ingress Protection (IP) of electric and electronic parts are normally designed to withstand most muddy and rainy ride conditions; when taking care of an electric bicycle you should avoid leaving your electronic bike out in the rain or the snow as simple moisture (in the air) can cause corrosion on important electrical terminals and joints.

Tyre care is also very important when taking care of an electric bicycle. After all, only a small portion of the tyre is ever in contact with any surface. For instance, try to keep the tyres inflated equally at all times because not only will it make riding the electric bike completely easy for you, even on uneven surfaces, but it will also lessen the damage caused by uneven tyre wear. Therefore, the force exerted in the motor of your electric bike will be less and it will last longer.

Protect all cables and wiring from being stretched; When taking care of an electric bicycle you should frequently check the wiring for any probable loose connections which might cause sparks and melting the insulation.

When it comes to taking care of the batteries in your electric bike, it is a general rule of thumb to keep them charged all the time. In some instances, the batteries can afford to be discharged all the way down, but it is usually a good idea to charge the batteries whenever you can. You can choose to charge your batteries when you are at home from your errand. This is a good idea just in case you forget to do so the next day when you need it. Also, when you charge your batteries often, then you will not have a problem if you need to run a sudden errand. Apart from this, it also increases the lifespan of your battery. Keep batteries indoors when taking care of an electric bicycle in freezing weather conditions in order to guarantee normal performance.

Remember to lubricate the chains after the use and the cleaning of the bike. Use wet lube during the winter season and dry lube during the summer season. A bike that is usually well lubricated after use, runs faster, easier, smoother and generates very less noise. When taking care of an electric bicycle you should regularly lubricate the cables of your electronic bike with a kind of light spray oil, and preferably one, which dries up quickly and leaves a PTFE layer. Usually, you have to apply the lubricant on your bike and let it rest for a few minutes before wiping off the excess with a dry cloth.

When taking care of an electric bicycle I always preach not to use the typical “aerosol”, maintenance oil sprays sold in most spares and accessories shops. The reason being is that Maintenance oil sprays are often to thin and end up cleaning your chain instead. This stuff is whats known as, release oil or WD40. Normally this oil is used to free off rusted/seized parts. It will literally last a few minutes lubricating your chain before it drys up. Use a good old oil pump tin with thick clean engine oil for e.g. When taking care of an electric bicycle, a thicker oil will last longer on most electric bike chains. If a mechanic is taking care of an electric bicycle i`m sure they will be happy to provide you with some simple maintenance tips to do at home.

Usually e-bikes have their batteries and motors sealed off with a hard casing. In case it is not so, avoid taking off the sealed casings at all costs because not only will you not be able to put it back, but it will also cause damage. If you were to cause damage to a sealed battery, the cells inside could could become defective and not charge. Worse still the damaged battery may become a fire hazard. New batteries can be purchased online for a reasonable price.

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